hey there.

My name is Phil. I'm from Normal, Illinois, and I am the owner of Native Among You Photography. I dabble in quite a few different lines of work. I work with college students at Illinois State University, I know some about real estate, and I love photography. Sure, it's a pretty random list, but I hope you see that I dig working with other people. I'm a true extrovert and could spend every hour exploring life with others.  Don't worry, my wife is an introvert so she keeps my feet planted. 

I've seen photography bring joy, healing, and peace to countless people throughout the years. If I could partake in even the slightest bit of that for someone - my life is made! My hope is that this photography gig will set me up to engage with others in a way I've never had before. 

So whatever you need photos for - a wedding, an engagement, senior portraits - I'm the dude for you. I'm super relaxed, pretty fun, and want to get to know who YOU are! As those stories, passions, and dreams come through in the photos - my job is done. 

Let's connect. Let's travel the world and shoot an elopement. Let's make you comfortable in front of a camera for the first time. Let's experience the biggest day of your life as you marry the one you love...together. Click the connect button below to inquire about rates and start the process. I'm real, I'm down to earth, and I want you to have the best photography experience possible.