Dana & Bobby || Edgy & Hip Bottom Lounge Wedding - Chicago Illinois


I knew Dana & Bobby were the right clients for me from the get-go. Not only did they meet me way out in the suburbs for an initial consultation when I had no time to make anything else work, they were also so kind and accommodating with it all. We kicked it off right away, learning that Dana & I both had roots at Illinois State University and that Bobby and I were both photographers and volleyball dudes. I came home from that meeting and fan-boyed to my wife about the two.

Not only did Bobby make it clear that he spent months and months looking for the right photographer, he made it clear that they trusted my talents with this huge day. YA’LL, I’ve never felt more encouraged about my craft. It’s so clear to me that not only do Dana & Bobby love each with everything they have, they extend that love to everyone meet. They are teachers who go above and beyond their calling to care for the youth of Chicago. They are mentors, coaches, and supporters to more people than they probably know.

I was so honored to photograph this wedding. They started off as clients a year ago and ended as friends just this past weekend. It’s my personal mission to follow their lives; checking in on their cute pups and being their #1 fan for years to come.

Abbey & Andrew || Regal Milwaukee Wisconsin Military Wedding


I knew from the moment that Abbey & Andrew got engaged that I wanted to work with them. Abbey is a sister of my brother-in-law and I had a feeling a wedding would be in the works once she got into law school and he finished some military obligations. Abbey & Andrew are talented, kind, and perfect for each other. Abbey keeps Andrew grounded and Andrew keeps her on her toes. They enjoy being on the lake, coffee dates and long walks. For real ya’ll - my kind of people.

It was so special to be able to photograph their wedding amongst family. An especially fun part was knowing that Abbey & Andrew will be in my life forever and this was one of many life memories that I get to capture. There were countless laughs, tears of joy and priceless memories caught on this day. Not only was their day incredibly beautiful, it was filled with so much love - and that folks, is what we’ll remember.

Katie & Brendan || Moody Wedding at The Cannery - Eureka, Illinois


I feel like we’ve been prepping for Katie & Brendan’s wedding FOREVER. Not only are they high school sweethearts, I’ve known them since they were Freshmen in college. I started mentoring Brendan pretty soon after he got to campus and knew right off the bat that his relationship with Katie was special. They are mature, kind and look out for each other. What impressed me most about Brendan & Katie was their capacity to care for one another and the people around them.

When Brendan first told me about his plan to propose, he was all kinds of giddy. They were going on a mission trip to Cambodia that next summer and he had thought about doing it on the trip. My wheels started turning and plans were in place - proposal at Angkor Wat (a centuries old temple complex) and we’d pull another photographer into the loop to capture it all. That started a journey that ended this past weekend with one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever shot.

During the time leading up to the wedding, Katie & Brendan were pretty clear - all they cared about was getting married. They have wonderful families that helped with every step along the way and really allowed them to be in a spot where the marriage was the thing they were looking forward to the most - HOW AWESOME! The day was filled with everything that is dear to them - their faith, their friends & family, and each other. Their first look was emotional, their ceremony was beautiful and their reception was a blast. I love these two dearly and am grateful to have been able to spend all day with them as I captured moments they’ll remember forever.

Grace & Tyler || Elegant Abbey Resort Wedding

Grace & Tyler-74.jpg

Grace & Tyler chose the Abbey Resort in Fontana, Wisconsin as the setting for their big day. What was supposed to be a stormy day cleared up to be the perfect weather for their wedding. I’ve known Grace & Tyler for a few years and was always impressed on how loyal they are to each other and the people they love. They live sacrificially and have supported each other since day one. I had many chats with Tyler where he described their future together and while some plans were yet to be finalized, he knew his future always included Grace. It was so special to see all of that love manifest itself during their wedding day. From the moment I captured Grace in her dress to giving Tyler a huge bear hug as I left the wedding - their big day will always hold a special place in my heart!

Katie & Chad || Joyful Channahon Illinois Wedding


Katie & Chad were dream wedding clients. They reached out to me because I shot a wedding at their venue the year before and knew from the photos that they saw that we’d be a good fit. AND A GOOD FIT WE WERE! Katie & Chad were fun, kind, trusting and so in love. They were sweethearts from when they were young, did long distance in college and stood the test of time.

Their bridal parties were great, their families were so loving (even to me!) and it’s wedding days like theirs that make me think all is right in the world! The weather turned quick but that made for some moody portraits where their gorgeous faces stood out even more. We had the chance to shoot in a vintage car which Chad was geeeeeeking out about (I was too!). Honestly, I could’ve snapped photos of them all day.

So as these two are on their honeymoon, I’m just over here re-living their perfect wedding day. Here is a quick preview of all of the magic.

Haylee & Garret || Intimate Missouri Botanical Gardens Engagement


Haylee & Garret are a part of a circle of friends that have booked me for weddings over the years. They were all from the same campus ministry at Southeast Missouri State together and I’ve got to meet some of the coolest people around at their weddings. It’s so fun because as the weddings continue, I feel like they are MY friends that I get to reunite with as well. Haylee was a bridesmaid in the last SEMO/CO wedding I did and I was mad impressed with the way she loved the bride so well. It was great to finally meet Garret and see that he is a PERFECT match for her. They have a ton of crazy adventures coming up and holy cow am I excited for them.

Our time together was spent laughing, talking ministry, discussing dreams and fears of the future and I left St. Louis so encouraged and grateful for their friendship. We snapped a few photos along the way and let me tell ya, they are the kind of people you want in front of your camera. We had so much fun in the Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis. It was raining all day so having an indoor rainforest to explore seemed fitting. We headed to Blueprint Coffee after for some refueling and extra photos. Here are a few moments to hi-light such a fun day!

Kayla & Matt || Dreamy Bloomington Illinois Winter Engagement


Kayla & Matt are two of the best people I know. Kayla and I can spend all day on the volleyball court together and just understand each other - must be because we are both setters. :) Matt is one of my go-to guy. He’s always down for a Taco Bell run, a Cubs game or a late night chat. They are perfect for each other and I’m beyond thrilled to shoot their wedding in a few months.

They have a quick engagement so we knew we couldn’t waste time getting their e-session done. We had some wild snow hit us in Bloomington and took advantage. Ya’ll it was COLDDDDDD. Like took my whole ride home with seat warmers set to BURN YOUR BOOTY HIGH and still was cold type of cold. Buttt they were troopers and their winter engagement session turned out to be one of my favorites.