Katie & Chad || Joyful Channahon Illinois Wedding


Katie & Chad were dream wedding clients. They reached out to me because I shot a wedding at their venue the year before and knew from the photos that they saw that we’d be a good fit. AND A GOOD FIT WE WERE! Katie & Chad were fun, kind, trusting and so in love. They were sweethearts from when they were young, did long distance in college and stood the test of time.

Their bridal parties were great, their families were so loving (even to me!) and it’s wedding days like theirs that make me think all is right in the world! The weather turned quick but that made for some moody portraits where their gorgeous faces stood out even more. We had the chance to shoot in a vintage car which Chad was geeeeeeking out about (I was too!). Honestly, I could’ve snapped photos of them all day.

So as these two are on their honeymoon, I’m just over here re-living their perfect wedding day. Here is a quick preview of all of the magic.