Katie & Brendan || Moody Wedding at The Cannery - Eureka, Illinois


I feel like we’ve been prepping for Katie & Brendan’s wedding FOREVER. Not only are they high school sweethearts, I’ve known them since they were Freshmen in college. I started mentoring Brendan pretty soon after he got to campus and knew right off the bat that his relationship with Katie was special. They are mature, kind and look out for each other. What impressed me most about Brendan & Katie was their capacity to care for one another and the people around them.

When Brendan first told me about his plan to propose, he was all kinds of giddy. They were going on a mission trip to Cambodia that next summer and he had thought about doing it on the trip. My wheels started turning and plans were in place - proposal at Angkor Wat (a centuries old temple complex) and we’d pull another photographer into the loop to capture it all. That started a journey that ended this past weekend with one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever shot.

During the time leading up to the wedding, Katie & Brendan were pretty clear - all they cared about was getting married. They have wonderful families that helped with every step along the way and really allowed them to be in a spot where the marriage was the thing they were looking forward to the most - HOW AWESOME! The day was filled with everything that is dear to them - their faith, their friends & family, and each other. Their first look was emotional, their ceremony was beautiful and their reception was a blast. I love these two dearly and am grateful to have been able to spend all day with them as I captured moments they’ll remember forever.