Dana & Bobby || Edgy & Hip Bottom Lounge Wedding - Chicago Illinois


I knew Dana & Bobby were the right clients for me from the get-go. Not only did they meet me way out in the suburbs for an initial consultation when I had no time to make anything else work, they were also so kind and accommodating with it all. We kicked it off right away, learning that Dana & I both had roots at Illinois State University and that Bobby and I were both photographers and volleyball dudes. I came home from that meeting and fan-boyed to my wife about the two.

Not only did Bobby make it clear that he spent months and months looking for the right photographer, he made it clear that they trusted my talents with this huge day. YA’LL, I’ve never felt more encouraged about my craft. It’s so clear to me that not only do Dana & Bobby love each with everything they have, they extend that love to everyone meet. They are teachers who go above and beyond their calling to care for the youth of Chicago. They are mentors, coaches, and supporters to more people than they probably know.

I was so honored to photograph this wedding. They started off as clients a year ago and ended as friends just this past weekend. It’s my personal mission to follow their lives; checking in on their cute pups and being their #1 fan for years to come.